The Legacy Planning Process

For Generations To Come

Creating Your VisionDefining Your Personal LegacyEstablishing Your Legacy TeamPreparing Your BeneficiariesThe Key Benefits

Your Vision

We take the time to listen and understand the personal vision you have for the legacy of your wealth.

From this we create a written tailored Legacy Plan built around what is most important to you and your beneficiaries.

The Three Elements

Personal Legacy
This is based on your life and captures your values, knowledge, experience and wisdom.

Financial Legacy
This is based on your material wealth and captures your financial net worth.

Social Legacy
This is based on you contributing to causes and organisations in which you believe. It captures your desire to help others and defines how your wealth can make a difference.

Defining your Personal Legacy

In order to define your personal legacy we focus on four key elements:

1.Your Values
The values you live by are your most important asset and provide a solid foundation on which your life is built. They define who you are and determine your behaviour.

2.Your Knowledge
This is the sum total of all the information, education and skills that you have acquired in your lifetime.

3.Your Experience
The experience you have gained in your life and what you have learnt are the most important lessons you can share with your beneficiaries.

4.Your Wisdom
Taking your values and adding your experience and knowledge creates wisdom. This wisdom provides sensible thinking and sound judgement.

Establishing Your
Legacy Team

We help you to establish a team of professional advisors who  share your values and are willing to work together to translate your vision into action.

Your Legacy Team will work together to provide guidance and support for major financial decisions regarding investment, legal and tax matters.

Cultivate a team specific to you

Whether you have an existing team or are looking to form one for the first time, we are here to help.


Wealth Manager






Preparing your

We work to ensure your beneficiaries understand how to manage your accumulated wealth in their lifetime and how to protect it for future generations.

First Generation

Wealth is created, preserved and protected. The beneficiaries are provided with guidance on how to manage their inherited wealth.

Second Generation

Having received their inherited wealth the second generation protect the legacy and add their own values, knowledge, experience and wisdom.

Third Generation

The third generation continue this process, managing the combined wealth to ensure that a meaningful and lasting legacy is protected and preserved for all future generations.

The Key Benefits

Creates and records a clear vision for the long term future of your wealth.
Ensures your core values, knowledge and accumulated wisdom, together with life lessons and experiences, are all preserved for the future custodians of your wealth.
Establishes a team of carefully selected professionals to provide effective governance and a clear sense of direction for your Beneficiaries.
Provides complete peace of mind that your Beneficiaries are fully prepared to receive their true inherited wealth.
Guarantees continuity in the management of your wealth.

Start Planning
Your Legacy

It is never too soon to start planning for the long term future of your wealth.

Get in touch to see how you can create a meaningful and lasting legacy for generations to come

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