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“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”.

Warren Buffet

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Who we are

We are a dedicated team of professionals who strive for excellence in all that we do. We adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards and conduct our business with integrity, honesty and empathy. We define our success by the quality of our relationships and in doing so, value our clients and treat them with the utmost respect and courtesy. From our offices located throughout the United Kingdom, we deliver the Hereditas Legacy Planning Process, creating meaningful and lasting legacies for our clients and their beneficiaries.

What we do

We encourage our clients to tell their story, as this is the most meaningful and longest lasting legacy they will leave to their beneficiaries.

We take the time to listen and understand what is important to our clients and then assist them to create, record and share their personal vision for the long term future of their wealth for the benefit of those who follow them.

We then create a tailored legacy plan before helping to prepare the next generation to receive their real inherited wealth.

Our Process

Why we do it

For centuries financial and estate planning have been the traditional two element approach for most families wishing to secure their wealth and yet the vast majority of this has been lost by the end of the third generation. It was first recorded by Chinese Scholars who wrote "Fu bu guo san dai" which translated means "Wealth does not pass three generations". Whilst these approaches deal with financial wealth, they fail to encompass the personal legacy of an individual.

It has always been important to preserve and protect wealth, but in this uncertain and rapidly evolving world, it is now vital that we fully prepare future generations to receive their real inheritance. By combining Life and Legacy Planning, we can help our clients lead meaningful lives and leave lasting legacies for the generations that follow.

Who we do it for

The Hereditas Legacy Planning Process is designed to assist people who wish to pass on their real wealth to the people they love and the causes and organisations in which they believe.

We work with both individuals and families, helping them to discover what's really important in their lives, guiding them to create a vision for the long term future of their wealth and supporting them to implement that vision.

Our process has equal merit for those who do not have families. A single person or a couple without children can articulate their values and design a plan that will enhance the lives of others or assist in the efforts of the charitable causes in which they believe.

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It is never too soon to start planning for the long term future of your wealth.

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