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Steve Heaney MC

Ex British Army & Keynote Speaker

"Whilst serving within the British Army’s most specialist units, my first thought was always to identify my successor. A person that could continue to drive the unit forward, who shared the same ethics, determination and desire required to maintain the highest of standards. This was the legacy that I inherited by those who had gone before and the legacy I was determined to pass to my successor. The methodology was to ensure that the unit as a collective was always best prepared and positioned for the future.

To me, a true legacy is an enduring memory of the past and to the experiences we have amassed over time. The greatest gift we can furnish our loved ones with must be our story and what we have achieved and accomplished through endeavour. This wisdom will help to guide them on their journey through life.

Therefore I am excited to be a strategic partner of The Wealth For Life Partnership, working in concert with their market leading Hereditas Legacy Planning Process. Hereditas is the only dedicated Legacy Planning Process in the UK that truly articulates your wishes, values and vision and prepares your beneficiaries to inherit not only financial security but the knowledge, experiences and stories you have acquired throughout your life – this is your true legacy."

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Geldards LLP

One of the UK's leading law firms

"Taking the time to really get to know and understand our clients and their goals is extremely important to the Private Client Team at Geldards.  You and your goals are at the heart of the advice that we give.

Increasingly we have found that the individuals and families we work with want to consider the future impact of their wealth.  They may be concerned to avoid the old adage that family wealth typically only lasts 3 generations.  They are often anxious to ensure that the wealth is respected and protected so as to enhance the lives of the generations to come.  They are keen to avoid denting the motivation of their children or grandchildren to make their own way in life and find their own passions and success, wary of giving to much too soon.  In addition, they may have philanthropic aspirations but are unsure how to accommodate these in ways which will suit and fulfil them and reflect how they would like to be remembered.

We know there is a great appetite for tailored advice, shaping personal planning to create a footprint which fits with personal ethos, family dynamics and which makes room for any philanthropic and other ambitions outside of providing for immediate family.

We embrace a philosophy which recognises all of this and facilitates individuals and families wanting to formulate and leave a lasting legacy in the widest sense.  We also know the value of professionals working together to align legal, tax and financial planning to deliver on this.  That is why we are delighted to be a strategic partner of The Wealth For Life Partnership working in tandem with Hereditas, The Legacy Planning Process in order to assist clients on their journey."

Debra Martin
Corporate Finance
For and on behalf of Geldards LLP

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The British Liver Trust

Raising Awareness, Transforming Lives

“The British Liver Trust is proud to be working with the Wealth for Life Partnership and in association with the Hereditas Legacy Planning Process, encouraging people to think about the real meaning of the word ‘ Legacy ‘ and what they want to leave behind.

The charity has a long history of supporting people affected by any liver condition and campaigning for improvements in care, which would not be possible without our donors. A lasting, or ‘social ‘ legacy creates opportunity, it is our chance to have a positive effect on the world, on our world or on someone else’s, long into the future.”

Audrey Cornelius
Head of Fundraising
The British Liver Trust

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